Seafood Restaurants in Maine

A place that has its roots on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and named after a French town, Restaurant Lunenburg is steeped in history and character. In colonial times, this area was home to Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England. This bustling region was also an important seaport and shipping hub for both England and Europe. During the American Revolution, the town experienced a bloody battle with the British. Today, it is known as a favorite Chesapeake place to celebrate holidays, weddings and family reunions. Only here you are always welcome, together with you have no equal!

There are several locations in the Lunenburg region of Virginia. The most popular, and most visited, is the Aquarium at the Garden City Landing in Portsmouth. Here you’ll find over 60 different species of fish, including peacock bass, gray snapper and Bluegill. The restaurant features an award winning seafood cuisine and is the only waterfront restaurant in the area. Seafood is Lunenburg’s specialty, so you’re in for a treat at this restaurant.

Other seafood restaurants can be found in the River Run area of Lunenburg. At the boarding house Restaurantahi, you’ll discover award winning cuisine and extensive bar serving up lobster rolls, crab cakes and salmon sandwiches. You can also enjoy fine steaks, poultry dishes and lobster bisques. There’s something for every taste palette at this waterfront establishment. There’s a reason this restaurant is listed among America’s best seafood restaurants.

In the North River area of Lunenburg there’s Seafoodtale, another waterfront restaurant. Seafood is the focus at Seafoodtale because of the quality of the seafood and the delicious fare. Seaview dining is a popular option in the North River area, and Seafoodtale offers it.

Just a stones throw from Seafoodtale is Spudship, a charming seafood restaurant. Spudship is known for their fresh seafood that is prepared just minutes after they receive it from the fishermen. This restaurant is a great stop on the way to the Cape Cod dining area. Seafood is the focus at this restaurant, and seafood is the theme.

For a family-friendly restaurant, check out The Noodle Bar. This restaurant offers both a lunch and dinner menu that features Japanese delicacies. Japanese specialties are usually available throughout the week and on certain days. The Noodle Bar is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

In addition to local favorites, many dining establishments can be found in the surrounding towns of Lunenburg and Waverly. These towns offer exceptional dining and quality food. Restaurants are a common feature in many of these towns, and they include the likes of Bob Evans’ Grille on Waverly Road and Dave James’ Spago on Lunenburg Road. You can also find some fine hotels and bed and breakfasts in the surrounding areas of these two towns. These quality establishments are well worth the trip.

As you can see, there is a restaurant in Lunenburg for every taste. Whether you are looking for a seafood restaurant, a casual dining restaurant, or a fine dining restaurant, you will likely be able to find it in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy good food in this wonderful town. Take a look around at some of the restaurants featured in this article, and you are sure to be happy with the choice that you make.

If you enjoy seafood, then you should definitely check out The Lazy Meadow. This restaurant offers fresh seafood dishes that are served on a special New England style farmhouse platter. This is a great place to eat if you want to get a meal that combines some nice Maine flavor along with the fresh seafood that is offered by this restaurant. The dishes can be accompanied with a fresh Maine clam chowder or Maine lobster salad.

If you are looking for a seafood restaurant that offers a variety of different items, then you might want to consider reviewing Old Spago, which serves up some fantastic seafood dishes. These dishes include fresh Maine lobster, Maine shrimp, and Maine scallops. There are also many other delicious items that are available in this restaurant. Some of these dishes even come with a special chef who will help you create the perfect dish based on your taste.

If you love seafood but do not have much experience with it, then you may want to consider going to Restaurant Lunenburg in Penobscot. This restaurant offers some wonderful dishes on various seafood menus that are very tasty and affordable. You will have a chance to sample many different types of seafood while enjoying some great lobster rolls, crab cakes, and lobster bisque. Some of these dishes even come with vegetarian options that are great for those that do not like too much fish or seafood.

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